CONGA & CO. Conga & Co. is an incredibly fun band - this is how it might sound if Stevie Wonder had spent a year living in Jamaica. With a soulful-voiced front man who sings directly from his heart to yours, and award-winning, original Reggae, Latin, and Funk songs, there is always a lot of love in the room at a Conga & Co. performance. undo Previous performer Next performer redo Colombia Carnival
Alé Chavarriaga Rey

Alexandra "Alé" Tracy Chavarriaga is a seasoned multicultural performer with roots in Colombia and South America. Alé specializes in Colombian folkloric and carnival, Brazilian Samba, Salsa, and various dance styles from around the world and is based in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Alé's festival performance will showcase the rich traditions of Colombian Cumbia and Puya, blending indigenous and African rhythms into captivating dance routines.

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Trío Corazón undo Previous performer Next performer redo Trío Corazón is a Los Angeles-based female mariachi trio. Chervona Kalyna Dance Ensemble undo Previous performer Next performer redo Chervona Kalyna Dance Ensemble is a Los Angeles-based Ukrainian dance company founded in October 2011 and dedicated to preserving, fostering, and sharing the history, culture, and origin of Ukrainian dance. The company is led by director Asya Gorska and ensemble coordinator Andrea Kusina. Chervona Kalyna is committed to expanding its repertoire of genres and to passing down the traditions of Ukrainian dance, song, and culture to future generations.The ensemble performs regularly at the Ukrainian Culture Center and at other special events within the community.
NS Cultural Arts undo Previous performer Next performer redo NS Cultural Arts is a dance school from Burbank, California dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of traditional Indian dance. With a focus on authenticity and artistic excellence, they offer instruction in a variety of classical and folk dances from India, including Bharatanatyam and Bhangra.

undo Previous performer Next performer redo OUR AUGUST kicked off in August 2021 when Raffi Howard (lead vocals/back-up guitar/bass), Jenni Levine (former original drummer), and Tristan Barbosa (bass/vocals/pianist) got together. They share birthdays in August, which inspired the band name. The name also captures the summery, carefree vibe they aim to bring to their music.Based in Burbank, all members attend school there, and three live in the city. They take pride in representing Burbank and strive to connect with their community through music.

OUR AUGUST plays a mix of post-punk progressive/alternative rock, covering songs from various artists like Pink Floyd and Green Day. They're also working on their original songs.

Shalala Dancers
Next performer redo undo Previous performer Founded in Los Angeles in 1999, Sahlala Dance will perform Egyptian folkloric and modern Egyptian dance at the Celebrate Burbank Festival. The performance will include the use of saiidi canes, veils, and drums.The group’s elaborate costumes, which are a blend of tradition, glamor, and elegance, combine with the professional skill of the dancers to make the entire show experience a feast for the eyes and ears. Think Las Vegas meets the Middle East!
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Olga “Shamiram” Kramarova is a versatile dancer, producer, educator, and choreographer renowned for her expertise in international folk dance from around the globe. With a passion for exploring the rich history and culture of each country's dance traditions, Olga's performances are a celebration of diversity and artistry. Based in the San Fernando Valley, her dance company, Shamiram Dance, has been captivating audiences worldwide for over a decade. Shamiram Dance will perform Russian Gypsy, traditional Armenian, traditional Persian, Spanish Flamenco, and French Can-Can, each with gorgeous, authentic costumes and exciting music.

undo Previous performer Wisteria Theater KIDS ZONE ENTERTAINER Next performer redo Wisteria Theater performs live entertainment for celebrations and events of all kinds. Founded in 2022 in Burbank, California by Lexi Collins and Renee Wylder, the company strives to create a community that comes together and connects through music and art, while showcasing local talent and providing creative education to children. Wisteria Theater is grateful to Les and Jill Eiserman for their support of the company as it grows. Come and meet Lexi and Renee as Anna and Elsa at Celebrate Burbank as they tell the story of Frozen 1 and lead a sing-along of songs from the soundtrack.

Stephanie Stevenson
Salsa Kids
Stephanie Stevenson, aka "The Princess of Salsa," is a Los Angeles-based Salsa Dancer, Choreographer and Fitness Instructor. She is the Undefeated Women's Solo Champion, traveling over 30 countries as a performer, teacher, and choreographer. Stephanie has brought her Salsa Kids to Celebrate Burbank to show you their dance skills, and then it’s your turn to salsa! undo Previous performer KIDS ZONE ENTERTAINER Next performer redo

Conga & Co. World music band playing a mix of upbeat and family-friendly Reggae, Latin, and Funk originals



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All-Female Mariachi Trio
Sahlala Dancers Egyptian Folkloric
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Indian dance
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