THE 2023 FESTIVAL PERFORMERS A rising star in the world of music, AlexisRose is an inspirational singer-songwriter and rapper based in Los Angeles, California. AlexisRose Music is an invigorating blend of pop and rap, with lyrics that encourage bravery and individuality. Her songs are a testament to feminine empowerment, and her infectious, high-energy performances allow her to connect with her audience on a deep emotional level. Originally from the Bay Area, AlexisRose began singing at age seven and quickly discovered a passion for music. Nurtured by the encouragement of her musical family, she went on to win local vocal competitions and admission to the prestigious Skyline Performing Arts Program. She draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Billie Holiday, Sia, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Lauren Hill and many more. AlexisRose’s newest single “Alive and Brave,” is an encouragement to young women to be brave, overcome obstacles, and celebrate being alive. “Each decision is an opportunity to be brave, even when you’re afraid.”--AlexisRose ALEXISROSE Jackette Knightley is a multi-talented and highly acclaimed drag performer, recording artist, and philanthropist. Her music has been recognized internationally, winning four awards out of nine nominations from Anthem, which includes Lady Gaga as a voting board member. Praised by high-profile celebrities such as Mira Sorvino, Paula Abdul, Leann Rimes, Melissa Etheridge, Carson Kressley, Glen Alen, Delta Work, and Robert Iscove, Ms. Knightley has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Jackette’s LGBTQ+ dance albums BREAK FREE and NEON LOVE have been streamed over 500,000 times across global platforms. Additionally, she has performed at major festivals in California and is a member of several Pride planning committees, including Palm Springs Pride, Riverside Pride, OC Pride, and SFV Pride. She is also the host and entertainment chair for Burbank PRIDE and San Gabriel Valley PRIDE. JACKETTE KNIGHTLEY Led by its visionary choreographer and artistic director Patsy Metzger, the Patsy Metzger Dancers (PMD), a dynamic dance company based in North Hollywood, California, has entertained audiences for over 30 years. PMD’s repertoire includes a wide range of dance styles, from high-energy jazz and tap numbers to tumbling, hip-hop, and ballet. While many of its students work in film and television, the studio offers dance classes and workshops for all ages and skill levels. Dedicated to serving the community and making dance education accessible to students of all budgetary levels, PMD is committed to the idea that “dance is within reach” to all. Teamwork, relationship building, and hard work are at the core of PMD’s philosophy. PATSY
Guitar Ninjas (GN) is a highly acclaimed music school based in Burbank, California that offers comprehensive lessons in guitar, bass, drums, piano, and ukulele for both children and adults. With a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors led by Jason Land, GN provides a fun, engaging, and personalized learning experience that empowers “anyone inspired to play” to achieve their full potential. Voted “Best in Burbank” for 2021 and 2022, GN has three locations and has been recognized by some of the top guitarists in the world as a well-developed beginner guitar program. GN is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters a love of music and a sense of community among its students. GN returns to Elevate Burbank’s second annual multicultural festival on May 6 with performances by the Jam Club All Stars, a group comprising its top students. Cleary Irish Dancers (CID) is an award-winning Irish dance school located in Burbank, California. Founded and led by Margaret Cleary, a certified Irish dance instructor with over 25 years of experience, the school offers classes for students of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The classes at CID are designed to teach students the fundamentals of Irish dance, including technique, footwork, and rhythm. Students learn traditional dances such as the jig, reel, and hornpipe, as well as contemporary choreography that incorporates elements of modern dance. In addition to weekly classes, CID offers performance and competition opportunities for students who want to showcase their skills in public. This year, the Cleary team brought home the 2023 World Irish Dance Championship title in Montreal, Canada as well as three globes, four top five placements, and 27 medals. Additionally, dancers perform regularly at events throughout the Southland and have appeared many times on local and national television as well as Irish TV (RTE). The school has a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, and students are encouraged to develop their skills at their own pace. Whether you're a beginner looking to try something new or an experienced dancer seeking to improve your technique, CID offers a fun and challenging environment to learn and grow in the art of Irish dance. Cleary Irish Dancers Rockstar Dance and Fitness (RSDF) is a dynamic dance and fitness studio located in Burbank, California. Founded by dancer and fitness trainer Trina Robinson-Kemie, RDF offers a wide range of classes for all ages and skill levels. Students enjoy a variety of dance classes that range from traditional dance styles to the hottest trends including Afro-Caribbean Grooves, Hip-Hop, Groov3, Jazz, African Dance, Zumba, Ballet, Lyrical, Yoga, Cardio Kickboxing, Body Sculpting/Toning, Boot Camp, Stretch and more. Each class is taught by a certified dance instructor who brings a unique style and energy to the class. RSDF prides itself on providing a judgement-free and ego-free environment. The studio is committed to providing a welcoming and culturally inclusive community where students feel comfortable, confident, and uplifted as they progress in their dance and fitness journeys. Magician Christopher Moro Christopher Moro is an award-winning magician providing professional and high-impact entertainment for private parties and corporate events throughout Southern California. Christopher became interested in magic at the age of eight when he saw David Copperfield on television and got his start performing for locals and tourists in Hawaii, where he met his mentor, Curtis Kam. With over 10 years of professional performing experience, Christopher believes that good magic should entertain as well as tell a story, leaving the audience not only amazed, but inspired. His shows make the audience the star of the performance, with comedic moments that never come at anyone's expense and meaningful moments that leave a long-lasting impression. Christopher is excited to show his support for Elevate Burbank’s mission to promote diversity and looks forward to sharing more of his magic with the Burbank community. The Nashberry Family Band (NFB) is a group of musicians comprising Abbi Berry, her mother, Connie Nassios, and father, Ken Berry. Based in Burbank, California, NFB specializes in creating and performing soulful, bluesy, and folksy tunes. With a diverse range of influences that includes The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and The 1975, NFB has a unique sound that blends classic and contemporary elements. The Nashberry Family Band will bring its signature folksy acoustic harmonies to Elevate Burbank’s second annual multicultural festival on May 6. Nashberry
SHOTTY Comprised of members Pat Moon and Miles Frank, Los Angeles-based Shotty is an electrifying rock synthpop band whose music combines elements of guitar-heavy 90’s grunge and alternative rock, synth-heavy 80’s new wave music, as well as a modern Seattle indie aesthetic. Longtime friends who share a passion for “nerd-angst imagery” and “energy-driven fuzzy anthems,” Moon and Frank are originally from Seattle, Washington and released their first official full-length album, Superfan, in 2011. Characterized by their signature dynamic sound and high energy, the band's live shows have won them a loyal following of fans drawn to their infectious stage presence. Bright Star Martial Arts Bright Star Martial Arts (BSMA) is a premier Tae Kwon Do program that offers helps students with diverse physical, cognitive and behavioral needs gain confidence and a sense of personal victory. Since 2010, we’ve helped thousands of students experience all the benefits of martial arts in an adaptive learning environment. 86% of our current students are have an identified diverse need; autism, spectrum disorder, developmental delay, permanent physical injury, PTSD and anxiety, site impaired, hard-of-hearing, cerebral palsy, down’s syndrome, etc. At Bright Star, we know that every student has needs. We are here to meet students where they are, and do our best to help them move forward toward greater ability and happier lives. Our programs go beyond physical techniques to transform stress and overcome fear of failure. Instructors are behavior and coping skill informed. Diversity is our middle name.

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