How do we provide ways to experience cultural diversity?

We can:

  • give you the chance to try a food that you never had before
  • produce concerts in Burbank with local musicians and include a variety of types of music
  • provide local poets, artists, and others who express themselves and their cultures in a variety of ways the opportunity to engage with our community
  • promote the many artistic and cultural events presented by the diverse communities within Burbank on our website community calendar

Elevate Burbank is committed to providing opportunities to promote cultural diversity through events, engagement, and partnerships with the Burbank community.

We aim to create a Burbank where residents can experience and appreciate the cultural diversity in our city. 

Burbank is a cultural potpourri and we have yet to fully explore and appreciate all the different cultures within our city.

We want to give you and your neighbors the opportunity to get to know each other and our cultures so that we can all come together to make sure the future of Burbank is unified, bright, and limitless.

Photo credits: Linda Bessin, Tom Peace, Aiden Krist, Stefanie Girard, Beth Alcala